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Announcing the “Ending Age-Related Diseases” Conference


We’re extremely excited to announce “Ending Age-Related Diseases: Investment Prospects & Advances in Research”, the very first rejuvenation biotechnology conference that LEAF has organized.

Respected speakers from around the globe

The event, which will take place on July 12, 2018 from 10:30 AM to 6:00 PM EDT in New York City, is one of the many LEAF initiatives made possible by the support of our Heroes; it will feature a superb series of speakers—researchers, investors, advocates—including gerontologist and stem cell pioneer Dr. Michael West from AgeX Therapeutics; Bioage Labs Vice President and regenerative medicine specialist  Dr. Alexandra Stolzing; SENS Research Foundation CSO Dr. Aubrey de Grey, pioneer of the maintenance approach to aging; “Fight Aging!” blog editor and co-founder of the recently launched Repair Biotechnologies; and, of course, LEAF President Keith Comito and LEAF Vice President Dr. Oliver Medvedik.

Other illustrious speakers who have confirmed their attendance include co-director of the Rochester Aging Research Center Dr. Vera Gorbunova, a pioneer of comparative biology in the study of aging and an expert in tumor suppressor mechanisms as well as a member of LEAF’s Scientific Advisory Board; Ichor Therapeutics CEO Dr. Kelsey Moody, who is currently working on a very promising implementation of LysoSENS for age-related macular degeneration; University of Chicago aging demographers Drs. Leonid Gavrilov and Natalia Gavrilova, who are all-around experts in the mathematical modeling of aging and mortality; Dr. Vadim Gladyshev from Harvard Medical School, who is also Director of the Center for Redox Medicine, an author of hundreds of scientific articles, and a recipient of the NIH Director’s Pioneer Award for his work on the mechanisms of longevity; Apollo Ventures Managing Partner Dr. James Peyer, a scientist and entrepreneur dedicated to the prevention of age-related diseases since his teenage years; and Deep Science Ventures Director Dr. Mark Hammond. The list is still growing, so you should keep an eye on it.

We are absolutely honored that so many big names of the anti-aging community, who are pretty much legends in their field of expertise, are joining us, and we’re proud to be able to give our audience and our Lifespan Heroes such a prestigious event—not bad at all, for a first time!


About the event

Just like the title says, the topics of the conference are aging research and investment prospects in rejuvenation biotechnology. At LEAF, we understand full well that, as we move from proofs-of-concept of the first rejuvenation therapies to early clinical trials, it is crucial to bring scientists and entrepreneurs together to turn visions into reality. Whether you’re interested in the science, the business opportunities, or both, this conference has got you covered, and this is true if you are new to the rejuvenation world or a seasoned veteran.

The program includes several talks and presentations on basic and translational research, investments, policy and regulation, the impact of rejuvenation on the population, and more. There will also be plenty of time for networking and mingling with the attending superstars of the rejuvenation world.

The conference venue is the stylish Frederick P. Rose Auditorium in Cooper Union, a popular center for the advancement of science and art. As there are only limited places available, you may want to make sure you get your ticket on time; you can do so on our Eventbrite ticket page. To honor their indispensable support, all Lifespan Heroes attending the conference will get 75% off the ticket price, so you may want to either avail yourself of the opportunity if you’re one of them—or consider becoming one!

This is only the beginning

“Ending Age-Related Diseases” is only the first of many events that we hope to be able to organize in the future to spread the word about, and speed up the arrival of, the medical revolution that is now within our collective grasp. As our Heroes know full well, given enough support, we aim to host an annual, larger-scale longevity research conference in New York City with more speakers and far wider appeal with the general public; this will be the July conference to the nth degree.

Together with the rest of our activities, which include rejuvenation articles, Journal Clubs, collaboration videos with YouTube celebrities, and research crowdfunding campaigns, longevity conferences will go a long way towards getting us closer to the era when the medical defeat of aging is a widely popular and supported goal, thus bringing us closer to the era when the diseases of aging themselves are only a distant memory. We’re very grateful to everyone who is helping us along the way, be it by donating time or money or even just by expressing support.

For the time being, we look forward to the July conference, and we hope to see many of you there!


About the author
Nicola Bagalà

Nicola Bagalà

Nicola is a bit of a jack of all trades—a holder of an M.Sc. in mathematics; an amateur programmer; a hobbyist at novel writing, piano and art; and, of course, a passionate life extensionist. After his interest in the science of undoing aging arose in 2011, he gradually shifted from quiet supporter to active advocate in 2015, first launching his advocacy blog Rejuvenaction (now replaced by Too Many Things) before eventually joining LEAF, where he produced the YouTube show LifeXtenShow. These years in the field sparked an interest in molecular biology, which he actively studies. Other subjects he loves to discuss to no end are cosmology, artificial intelligence, and many others—far too many for a currently normal lifespan, which is one of the reasons he’s into life extension.
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