An immunotherapy approach to senescent cell clearance and cancer

SIWA Therapeutics is developing a family of antibodies that bind to markers only found on cancer and senescent cells, thus allowing the immune system to destroy them. When testing this approach in a mouse model of muscle wasting, SIWA found that the gene expression and muscle mass of older mice treated with this product became more like that of young mice. A test on a mouse model of breast cancer showed that metastatic lung foci were reduced by thirty percent.

The company is also using its findings to develop a vaccine for senescent cells, diagnostic tests, separation equipment, and a version of its antibody that is conjugated with a toxin to more directly remove dangerous cells.

The company’s lead product, 318H, a humanized monoclonal antibody, has completed a pharmacokinetic & toxicology study in non-human primates in which no adverse effects were found. Initial indication is in pancreatic cancer.

Website: https://siwatherapeutics.com/