BioAge Labs � BGE-117

BioAge is a biotechnology company focused on developing therapies to extend human healthspan and treat age-related diseases. Their primary goal is to help people live healthier, longer lives by delaying or reversing the aging process. To achieve this, BioAge uses various approaches, including biomarker discovery, drug discovery and development, and collaborations and partnerships. The Hypoxia-inducible factor (HIF) pathway is significantly associated with longevity and numerous functional outcomes in BioAge’s proprietary longitudinal human cohorts. BGE-117 is a hypoxia-inducible factor-prolyl hydroxylase (HIF-PH) inhibitor, which protects HIF from proteasomal degradation. It has the potential to treat multiple diseases of aging through the activation of HIF target genes, which are involved in numerous biological processes including: erythropoiesis, vascular remodeling and angiogenesis, glucose uptake and glycolysis, and tissue regeneration.