Atropos Therapeutics � Senostimulators/Senosuppressors

Atropos, founded by Dr. Andrew Koff and William D. Tap, MD, aims to treat aging-related diseases and cancer and improve healthspan with approved novel senescence- targeting drugs. Atropos has developed a drug discovery platform to identify chemical matter that can modulate the formation of senescent cells, both for aging applications (senosuppressors) and oncology applications (senostimulators). Atropos’ founders discovered that cells can progress directly from quiescence, or reversible cell cycle exit, to senescence (SAGA; Senescence After Growth Arrest). Atropos has developed FATES (First ATRX-based Therapeutics to Elucidate Senescence, patent pending) as a cell-based phenotypic screening platform based on the detection of de novo ATRX foci. This platform technology can also be used to identify novel anti-cancer drugs (senostimulators).