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Arkadi Mazin

Arkadi Mazin

About Arkadi Mazin

Arkadi is a seasoned journalist and op-ed author with a passion for learning and exploration. His interests span from politics to science and philosophy. Having studied economics and international relations, he is particularly interested in the social aspects of longevity and life extension. He strongly believes that life extension is an achievable and noble goal that has yet to take its rightful place on the very top of our civilization’s agenda – a situation he is eager to change.

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Balanced stones
Scientists have demonstrated that “the Alzheimer’s allele” APOE e4 helps cognition earlier in life prior to the onset of the disease [1]. This might point at a possible reason for some aspects of aging. What makes us stronger kills us later The risk of developing Alzheimer's, one of the deadliest age-related diseases, is considerably elevated...
Dylan Livingston Interview
Dylan Livingston is the founder and president of A4LI – the Alliance for Longevity Initiatives. This newly created organization aims to fill an important niche as a non-profit that would educate American politicians on life extension and promote policy changes beneficial for our cause. How can this be done, especially in the current age of...
Hair Loss and Regrowth
Scientists showed that hair loss happens partially as a result of stem cells escaping from hair follicles. They also shot a stunning time-lapse video of the process. The stem cell cycle Stem cells reside in “stem cell compartments” in various tissues. By differentiating into multiple types of cells upon demand, they contribute to tissue regeneration....
Obese exercise
Researchers have proven that our bodies partially compensate for calories burned during exercise by cutting energy expenditure on vital functions. Their discovery might explain why it can be so hard to lose weight by working out [1]. The three components of energy expenditure As much as we love covering mind-blowing scientific breakthroughs in the longevity...
Scientists have used DNA methylation markers to measure the anti-aging effects of healthy diet and physical activity, reaching interesting, if at times contradictory, results [1]. Move, eat healthy, check your biological age Physical activity (PA) and healthy diet are two powerful interventions that have time and again shown their potential to slow aging. Their importance...
Levine Interview
In her lab at Yale, Dr. Morgan Levine tackles some of the most exciting and difficult problems in geroscience. She specializes in bioinformatics and is working on creating and finessing clocks that measure biological age. We talked with Dr. Levine about her work, the impact that biological age clocks have had on the longevity field,...