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Arkadi Mazin

Arkadi Mazin

About Arkadi Mazin

Arkadi is a seasoned journalist and op-ed author with a passion for learning and exploration. His interests span from politics to science and philosophy. Having studied economics and international relations, he is particularly interested in the social aspects of longevity and life extension. He strongly believes that life extension is an achievable and noble goal that has yet to take its rightful place on the very top of our civilization’s agenda – a situation he is eager to change.

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September 22, 2020
A group of researchers has been able to ameliorate Alzheimer-like pathologies in mice by using a microtubule-stabilizing compound [1]. Cellular highways Microtubules (MTs) are tiny pipe-like structures that are made mostly of the polymerized protein tubulin. They constitute an important part of the cytoskeleton, a network of filaments that permeates the cell and performs many...
September 15, 2020
A group of researchers has found that extracellular vesicles carrying a specific type of microRNA can attenuate age-related inflammation and increase immune response following flu vaccination in mice [1]. Extracellular vesicles (EVs) are an important part of intercellular communication. These tiny nanoscale bubbles are secreted by cells into the intercellular space and can carry various...
September 08, 2020
A group of researchers has used CRISPR to create energy-dissipating brown adipocytes (fat cells) from white preadipocytes. The new cells were then shown to alleviate obesity in mice [1]. Obesity: the nemesis of longevity Obesity is one of humanity’s deadliest enemies. It is a known comorbidity in a plethora of diseases, including age-related, such as...
September 01, 2020
A group of researchers has proposed three robust transplantation techniques for fighting microglia-related conditions, such as Alzheimer's, and potentially boosting our cognitive abilities [1]. The sentinels of the brain Microglial cells form the backbone of our brain’s immune system. They perform a wide variety of functions, including tracing pathogens, inducing inflammatory reactions, and facilitating the...
August 25, 2020
A collective of scientists has shown that osteoarthritis can be alleviated by guiding skeletal stem cells towards differentiation into chondrocytes, which are responsible for producing healthy cartilage [1]. Osteoarthritis (OA) is a classic example of an age-related disease. While almost non-existent in younger people, it affects as much as half of the over-65 population worldwide....
August 18, 2020
Scientists have shown that insulin-like growth factor (IGF-1) mitigates age-related mitochondrial decline and cellular aging in cultured smooth muscular cells [1], although other studies paint a grimmer picture of IGF-1's effects. Mitochondrial decline and aging Mitochondria, dubbed "the powerhouses of the cell" for producing the bulk of the energy that our cells need to operate,...