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Arkadi Mazin

About Arkadi Mazin

Arkadi is a seasoned journalist and op-ed author with a passion for learning and exploration. His interests span from politics to science and philosophy. Having studied economics and international relations, he is particularly interested in the social aspects of longevity and life extension. He strongly believes that life extension is an achievable and noble goal that has yet to take its rightful place on the very top of our civilization’s agenda – a situation he is eager to change.

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A large-scale, randomized, controlled trial has found that in aging adults, cocoa extract does not affect the prevalence of adverse cardiovascular events but decreases their lethality [1]. Rich in flavanols The nutrients that we consume obviously impact our healthspan and lifespan, but studying their effects in a controlled environment in humans is not easy. Most...
Scientists have improved the potential effectiveness of a stem cell therapy for osteoarthritis by targeting senescent cells [1]. Stem cell exhaustion and osteoarthritis Osteoarthritis is an age-related disease that affects joints by degrading cartilage. While not fatal in itself, osteoarthritis negatively affects mobility and quality of life, and it can decrease lifespan and healthspan. Several...
Ovary follicle
Scientists have successfully treated ovarian aging in mice with compounds that target fibrosis and promote mitochondrial health [1]. Why do ovaries age faster? Ovarian aging is fascinating because one bodily system completely shuts down while the rest of the body is still in good health. Therefore, studying ovarian aging could provide us with valuable insights...
Blood donation
Scientists have shown that blood donation strongly affects skin aging in mice, probably by lowering the levels of toxic free iron [1]. The good bloodshed Before the dawn of modern medicine, bloodletting was one of the favorite arrows in medieval doctors’ quivers. Of course, it was a savage and unscientific instrument that probably did more...
Breast cancer
Publishing in Nature, scientists from the University of Texas report the discovery of a small molecule that can stop an especially aggressive subtype of breast cancer [1]. The deadliest kind Breast cancer remains the fourth deadliest type of cancer, claiming more than 40 thousand victims a year, almost exclusively women, in the US alone. Like...
Fish Heavy Diet
Scientists have shown yet again that adherence to the Mediterranean diet is positively correlated with longer and healthier lives – this time in a large-scale population study spanning 130 countries [1]. Olive oil in, meat mostly out The so-called Mediterranean diet is one of the most well-researched in the world. It is heavy on olive...