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Tag: Overpopulation

Mustreader Interview
June 04, 2020
In this interview with Mustreader, Elena Milova, Board Member of, discusses the ins and outs of rejuvenation research, including the activities of rejuvenation biotechnology companies, the use of biomarkers, fundraising, various concerns related to longevity such as overpopulation, and what we do here at
Science to Save the World logo
May 26, 2020
Science to Save the World is a new video series highlighting organizations that use science to tackle the biggest problems of our time. Today, we want to tell you a little about our new show and how it fits into our mission of advocating for aging research. As part of our overarching strategy to...
Overpopulated area
August 05, 2019
A common concern about life extension is overpopulation, the idea that there are too many people in the world. Are we really headed for a global overpopulation meltdown, as some people believe? The United Nations' World Population Prospects 2019 report suggests that while the global population will continue to rise for the next few decades,...
November 14, 2018
Many people are concerned that vastly extended healthy lifespan might lead us to catastrophic overpopulation, and the best way to mitigate this fear is probably to talk to an experienced demographer. To learn more about this and other interesting questions related to life extension, we spoke to Drs. Leonid Gavrilov and Natalia Gavrilova, respectively Principal...
May 29, 2018
Now that some time has passed since the release of Avengers: Infinity War, we should probably talk about Thanos, the nigh-omnipotent "Mad Titan" at the heart of Marvel's latest blockbuster, and how he perfectly embodies one of the most pervasive societal misconceptions circling the topic of life extension. This might, therefore, be the first post...
November 26, 2016
The discussion of increased lifespans through medical and technological methods of addressing the various processes of aging raises the concern that this could lead to a lack of resources and result in conflict and suffering. The argument suggests that we will run out of resources if we develop the technology to treat age-related diseases. Proponents of this line of...