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Tag: Natural Killer Cells

NK cell
Scientists have shown that the effectiveness of natural killer cells, a crucial component of the immune system, is directly linked to NAD+ levels [1]. Naturally deadly Natural killer cells (NK) are an important part of the innate immune system. They got this designation, in arguably the best act of naming in the history of cellular...
Immune cell warrior
Publishing in Aging, a team of researchers from SENS Research Foundation has described a new method of enriching natural killer (NK) cells to fight senescent cells. Culturing NK cells to fight senescence Why we Age: Cellular SenescenceAs your body ages, more of your cells become senescent. Senescent cells do not divide or support the tissues...
Led by Dr. Alicja Copik, scientists at the University of Central Florida College of Medicine have discovered that it might be possible to make cancer immunotherapy work for a larger portion of patients by employing PM21-activated natural killer (PM21-NK) cells [1]. Study abstract Anti-PD-1/anti-PD-L1 therapies have shown success in cancer treatment but responses are limited...

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