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Tag: Lung Disease

Elderly Person Coughing
Researchers have used a big data approach to disentangle cellular and physiological changes that are specific to COVID-19 from those caused by aging [1]. Identifying these improves our understanding of the disease and may help explain why COVID-19 has a more severe effect on older people. A tangled skein The enormous impact of COVID-19 around...
Lung branches
A new review published in the American Journal of Respiratory Cell and Molecular Biology discusses the causes of, and potential treatments for, idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (IPF). Fibrosis, but not focused on fibroblasts In the lungs, the trachea (airway) breaks out into a tree-like system of nodes. Each branch ends in alveoli, which are responsible for...
Using a novel 3D lung organoid model, new research published in Cell Stem Cell has shed light on the body's infection response to COVID-19. LungsOur lungs transfer ambient oxygen into the bloodstream while transferring out carbon dioxide. The airflow generated by our lungs also allows for speech as it passes through our vocal cords. Lung...
X-ray of fibrosis
Back in January 2018, researchers at CNIO reversed lung fibrosis in mice using a single gene therapy. Today, we want to spotlight a new study that builds on the positive results of the 2018 research, taking us another step closer to telomerase gene therapy in humans to reverse pulmonary fibrosis. The road to a gene...