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Tag: Irina Conboy

December 29, 2020
Journal Club returns on January 26th at 12 pm Eastern / 5 pm UK with host Dr. Oliver Medvedik and special guests Drs. Irina and Michael Conboy. They recently demonstrated that a neutral blood exchange was able to spur rejuvenation in the brain and reduce inflammation. Additionally they compared this approach with a known senolytic...
Electric brain
November 17, 2020
There has been a great deal of interest in the last few years in the potential regenerative properties of blood factors. This has led to two broad schools of thought: one in which there are regenerative factors in young blood that can be isolated, and another in which aged blood contains regenerative factors that cannot...
July 23, 2020
The Journal Club returns this Tuesday, July 28th, at 12:00 PM EDT / 5 PM UK, with your host Dr. Oliver Medvedik, livestreamed to our Facebook page. We will be taking a look at the recent study published by Dr. Irina Conboy and her team [1]. The study showed that by replacing half of the...
Irina and Michael Conboy
June 16, 2020
Back in 2005, Drs. Irina and Michael Conboy showed that joining the circulatory systems of young and old mice together in a procedure called parabiosis could rejuvenate aged tissues and reverse some aspects of aging in old mice. Following this discovery, many researchers concluded that there must be something special in young blood that was...
Blood Vessel
September 03, 2019
Age-related changes to the signals sent and received by our cells travelling via the bloodstream are one of the hallmarks of aging. A team of researchers, including Drs. Irina and Michael Conboy, has published the results of a new study suggesting that rejuvenation might be achieved by the calibration of these signals found in the...
November 07, 2018
A new palm-sized testing system has been developed to measure the levels of aging biomarkers circulating in the body. The new biomarker system, called Click-A+Chip, was developed by Sarah Balderston and Mandeep Sandhu, who are part of the Keck Graduate Institute team led by Assistant Professor of Medical Diagnostics and Therapeutics Kiana Aran. This miniature...