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Tag: Cartilage

Standing mouse
Publishing in Aging, a team of Spanish researchers has found that changing the mitochondria of standard Black 6 mice leads to marked improvements in joint health. Conplastic mice The Black 6 mouse is well-known in research as a standard in the industry. However, it is not nearly a perfect mouse in terms of ability or...
Hand arthritis
In a paper published in Nature Aging, a group of scientists outlines a previously unknown pathway that leads to osteoarthritis and describes a promising treatment [1]. Less than a killer, more than a nuisance There are plenty of deadly age-related diseases, and then there are others that shorten our healthspan rather than lifespan, making the...
Glucosamine in ball-and-stick form
Glucosamine and chondroitin are commonly bundled together as a dietary supplement, and a new study suggests that taking them may significantly reduce mortality. This builds on a previous epidemiological study from earlier this year, which showed that glucosamine supplementation correlates with reduced all-cause mortality. What are they? Glucosamine and chondroitin are both structural components of...
Cartilage cells
New research published in Stem Cell Research and Therapy has improved the regenerative potential of chondrocytes in vitro. CartilageCartilage tissue is found in various places throughout the human body, including the ears, the nose, between the ribs, and the trachea. While trauma can compromise cartilage in each of these locations, most cartilage problems occur at...