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Tag: ApoE4

Balanced stones
Scientists have demonstrated that “the Alzheimer’s allele” APOE e4 helps cognition earlier in life prior to the onset of the disease [1]. This might point at a possible reason for some aspects of aging. What makes us stronger kills us later The risk of developing Alzheimer's, one of the deadliest age-related diseases, is considerably elevated...
In April, we talked about new Alzheimer's research showing how the gene variant ApoE4 greatly increases the risk of developing the disease, and we discussed how researchers have converted the defective gene back to its original form to cut the risk of Alzheimer's.
Researchers at Gladstone Institutes in San Francisco report that a gene variant associated with Alzheimer’s works differently in mice and humans, and they also demonstrate how modifying this gene could potentially prevent the plaques associated with Alzheimer’s from forming and damaging the brain. The new study was published in the journal Nature in January 2018 [1]....
Dr. Oliver Medvedik will be hosting the next edition of Journal Club on Tuesday, April 19th at 13:00 EST. We will be discussing new research published in Nature where researchers modified a protein associated with Alzheimer’s disease into a more harmless form, allowing them to remove the damage caused by Alzheimer's in human cells. This...