How Life Noggin Educates Millions – Pat Graziosi aka Blocko

Pat Graziosi on Sharing Science & Sparking Curiosity on Youtube.


Pat InterviewPat InterviewHow Life Noggin Educates Millions – Pat Graziosi aka Blocko - YT Video

In this episode of Making Time, host Ryan O’Shea sits down with Pat Graziosi, the creative mind behind the hugely popular educational YouTube channel, Life Noggin, and the voice of its main character, Blocko. The conversation encapsulates Graziosi’s journey from his beginnings with skits on Google Video to creating YouTube and social media content for millions. We take a deep dive into Graziosi’s creative process, revealing the inspiration behind his iconic characters, his reasoning for the simplistic animation style, and the genesis of Blocko. Graziosi opens up about the ups and downs of being a content creator and discusses balancing the ever-changing YouTube algorithm while maintaining authenticity. The conversation further expands to his support for advancements in medical technology, exploring his dedication to creating content that promotes healthier, happier, and longer lives.

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