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How It Works

Conquering the negative effects of aging is one of the oldest dreams of humanity, and now through the steady progress of science, we are poised to fulfill that dream.

Whether this occurs in 20 years or 200 is largely a question of funding. The best way to accelerate this process is by mobilizing those who desire the option of a longer and healthier life into a cohesive social force – crowdfunding relevant research and advocating for its benefits to society.

On researchers post projects related to longevity or age related disease, and receive funds from contributors to fulfill their goals. Contributors, in turn, are able to exercise agency in the development of potentially life changing research, as well as receiving rewards specified by the project creators.

Why Choose For Your Project?

Active Support

We care about the success of and will actively support every project on our site; you won’t just be one in a crowd. As we grow, the fruits of our success will be focused on furthering our shared mission.

Focused Audience

Centralizing longevity related crowdfunding efforts within a single hub builds a strong community of informed contributors, able to participate in crowdsourcing efforts as well as crowdfunding.

Tax Receipts

Because we are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization and fiscally sponsor all project donations, contributors will automatically receive a tax receipt for donations made to your project.


Does own any of the intellectual property?

Researchers retain 100% ownership of their project and its results when posting on If you work for a university or institution, the intellectual property you generate follows your institution’s standard procedure.

Who is able to fund my project?

Anyone in the world can fund your project; all they need is a valid credit or debit card.

What are the fees to post a project? takes a small fee for successful campaigns, plus credit card processing fees. You can find more information on pricing on the Pricing and Fees page.

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