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ร— crowdfunds for aging and rejuvenation research.

FAQs about fundraising on

We have compiled answers to some of the more common questions that researchers might have about fundraising on our platform.

Is a non-profit or for-profit organization? What are its goals? is a project of the Lifespan Extension Advocacy Foundation non-profit organization, and it is a mission-driven crowdfunding platform dedicated solely to longevity research projects.

We believe that centralizing and enhancing such efforts will create a strong community of contributors and researchers who will help extend healthy human lifespans, both through direct funding and shifting public perception in favor of this important humanitarian goal. Check out our what we do page to learn more about us.

What is the all-or-nothing funding model?

All-or-nothing research projects must reach or surpass the funding goal within a set timeline before any funds change hands. If the project doesn’t reach its goal, no money is charged. This model incentivizes donors to contribute, as their funds will only be transferred if the project is likely to deliver on its research goals.

What is the flexibleย funding model?

Flexible research projects receive all pledged funds when the campaign ends, even without reaching the set goal. This may be useful for projects that can be successfully undertaken with any amount of funds but improved with more.

Is there overhead for the funds raised on

When funds are successfully raised, takes a small percentage fee plus payment processing fees. You can find more information on pricing on the Pricing and Fees page.

When was started? was launched in August 2015.

What are the evaluation criteria for potential projects?

We currently review projects based onย the following criteria:

  • The researcher’s identity and affiliations are verifiable
  • The project suitably involves either the mechanisms of aging or age-related diseases
  • The research project is feasible with respect to goals, researcher resources, and funding goals
  • The research project in general adheres to the NIH criteria and considerations for research project grants

As a project creator on, your submitted project proposal must sufficiently meet theseย criteria. If you have any questions regarding your project proposal, contact us.

How can I improve my project campaign for the review process?

For tips on creating the best possible project campaign, please see our Researcher Guide.

Who is able toย fund my project?

Anyone in the world is eligible to fund your project; all they need is a valid credit or debit card, Paypal, or bitcoin wallet.

Whatย are the fees for hosting a project on

Launching a project campaign on is free. After the project is completed with successfully raised funds, takes a small fee based on the type of funding model used, plus payment processing fees. You can find more information on pricing on the Pricing and Fees page.

Does own any of the intellectual property?

Researchers retainย 100% ownership of their project and its results when posting on If you work for a university or institution, the intellectual property you generate follows your institutionโ€™s standard procedure.

How does public disclosure work in regards to my project? What if I fear being scooped?

While we at are supporters of the open source movement and encourage keeping your contributors informed with updates, we realize that public disclosure may be a concern for you or your institution. The more information you share about your project, the more potentially engaging it can be to contributors, but the final decision of what you post is up to you. If you decide to share data or other media intended for publishing, please be aware of any disclosure at your institution that may impact this choice. is not responsible for the material you choose to disclose.

What happens if my project doesn’t succeed?

If the project does not meet the funding goal, then the project campaign ends and can no longer accept pledges. ย If your project is using the Flexible Funding model, pledged funds are still collected when the project campaign ends.

Am I obligated to fulfill contributor rewards for donor pledges?

Yes; if your project receives funds at completion, our Terms of Use require project creators to fulfill all rewards of their project or refund any contributor whose reward they do not or cannot fulfill.

Can I embed a widget elsewhere on the webย so that others can discover my project?

Yes. From your project page, click on the < > icon in “share this campaign” to generate the widget code to embed on your site.

Who is your payment processor?

We use Stripe, Paypal, and Coinbase as our processors for all research project transactions. They are fully PCI compliant, and full credit card information is never stored on our servers. All card information is properly encrypted.

Do you allow international researchers?

Yes; researchers from all over the world are welcome to post projects on

Do you allow private companies to launch campaigns?

If the proposed project idea is suitably related to aging mechanisms or age-related disease, then yes.

Do I have to be a student or professor at a university?

No; as long as the proposed project meets our above criteriaย it is eligible for posting on

I have a citizen science project, can I use

Absolutely; as long as the proposed project meets our above criteria, we are happy to host citizen science projects.

What do I get for funding a project?

Although furthering longevity research is a reward unto itself, project creators can also offer a variety of specific rewards for pledging donations to their campaign. These can include early access to data, involvement in the project itself, and acknowledgement. The available rewards will be unique to each project as decided by the project creators.

Are the donations tax-deductible?

As we are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization and fiscally sponsor all projects on this site, your donations to projects may qualify as a charitable deduction for federal income tax purposes. You will automatically receive a tax receipt for donations made to any projects. Please consult your tax advisor regarding the information contained therein.

Can I get a refund?

As noted in our Terms of Use, project creators are responsible to work with contributors to reach a mutually satisfactory resolution regarding any disputes, which may include refunding their contributions. In the event of any dispute, we may provide the project creatorโ€™s contact information to the contributor to facilitate dispute resolution.

How can I contact you?

To get in touch with us, please use this contact form.