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We are happy to announce the fourth Ending Age-Related Diseases conference! On August 19-22, we will be meeting virtually to hear the latest developments from the leading experts in rejuvenation biotechnology research. During this four-day conference, you can hear the latest industry news, exchange ideas, find new business partners, and spend time with like-minded people!

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This year, we are looking at the rejuvenation biotechnology industry as an ecosystem. We will be trying to identify the gaps in coordination and collaboration that can be filled by a concerted effort of the life extension community. We will be also paying special attention to the burden of neurodegenerative diseases along with innovative approaches to maintaining mental health and rejuvenating the aging brain.

In addition to bringing together the thought leaders of the rejuvenation biotechnology industry to foster scientific and business collaborations, we will provide interviews and panel discussions on related topics, such as the philosophy of life extension, the ethics of longevity journalism, and the relationship between rejuvenation biotechnology and blockchain technology. The conference will help you to deepen your understanding of what is going on in the aging research field.

Join us, and let’s discuss how we can defeat aging sooner and achieve healthy life extension free from age-related diseases!

The Conference for Rejuvenation Biotechnology and Life Extension

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This conference will bring together the leading experts in rejuvenation biotechnology and investment in order to foster scientific and business collaborations to develop rejuvenation therapies that target the root causes of aging.
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Join us for four days filled with insightful talks about how we can develop rejuvenation therapies for healthy life extension and end age-related diseases more quickly! An initial program will be published soon.
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Buy your ticket today, join the leaders in rejuvenation and aging research, and learn about how science is working to deliver healthy life extension for all. Learn how to upgrade your free ticket to full access here.

Bringing the Leaders in Rejuvenation Biotechnology and Investment Together

We have four action-packed days of rejuvenation biotechnology for you to enjoy, and we have devoted each day to a specific longevity theme. There is something here for everyone, especially when combined with the on-demand content that will be available during the event.

Our conference has 4 days and 4 exciting topics focusing on various aspects of aging research.

More Ways You Can Participate

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To thank you for your kind support, we are offering Lifespan Heroes a 20% discount off your ticket. Please contact Denise to get your special code to unlock the Hero ticket.
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We are offering a range of appealing sponsorship packages. Last year we had over 800 participants and we expect even more people to join us this year. Please contact Denise to discuss your sponsorship package.
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We welcome representatives of the mass media to our conference. Please contact Elena for press accreditation, and we will be happy to give you a special code to register for free.

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