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Garri Zmudze

About Garri Zmudze

Garri is a seasoned business angel with an extensive track record in tech business and an early investor in science-intensive ventures, such as Insilico Medicine and Basepaws. Prior to founding LongeVC, he co-founded Longenesis — a medical technology startup company working towards providing a technological bridge between Healthcare institutions and the BioTech industry with an aim to help identify and unlock the hidden value of biomedical data to accelerate the novel drug and treatment discovery and provide better help to those in need. In 2021, Garri became the Executive Coordinator of Longevity Science Foundation — a Swiss non-profit organisation advancing human longevity by funding research and development of medical technologies to extend the healthy human lifespan to more than 120 years. Driven and resilient, Garri is passionate about longevity, aging research, and personalised medicine.

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