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Organization Description

Juvenescence is a biotech longevity company aiming to tackle aging and age-related diseases. This company aims to build a coalition of the best scientists, physicians and investors to develop therapies and products that could potentially help people enjoy longer and healthier lives. Juvenescence names the Buck Institute, the University of Pittsburgh, and Genomics England as its primary research partners.

Juvenescence has a broad mission statement and advertises itself as a disruptive innovator in the biotech space, pioneering new ways of dealing with age-related diseases. Therefore, it aims high in its quest to cure age-related diseases, with three pillars that make up its founding philosophy. First, it aims to understand the science behind regeneration, working towards a world in which the human body can be stimulated to regenerate tissues and organs. Second, it intends to re-envision healthcare practice, moving away from conventional sickness-based treatment to the prevention of age-related diseases before they become problems. Third, it intends to make clinically validated supplements and other therapies available to the public, democratizing healthcare and directly informing the public through social media.

The well-known investor Jim Mellon is the chairman of Juvenescence, and he is supported by the chief executive officer, Dr. Greg Bailey, M.D. along with Dr. Declan Doogan, M.D. as the chief medical officer and Dr. Grazia Piizzi as the chief science officer. The company shares the same name as a book by Jim Mellon and Al Chalabi, and the same philosophies that show up in the book also appear in the company literature.

Juvenescence is organized into four divisions:

JuvRX focuses on prescription medications to treat the diseases of aging. Juvenescence aims to work with drug developers to target aging at its most fundamental pathways, thus developing therapies that treat aging at its source. For this endeavor, Juvenescence has partnered with BYOMass, FoxBio, Napa Therapeutics, and Souvien Therapeutics.

JuvLife focuses on diet, aiming to create patented foods that are scientifically validated to be effective in affecting the onset of age-related conditions. Juvenescence has partnered with BHB Therapeutics to achieve this goal.

JuvDataScience aims to use machine learning and artificial intelligence in order to repurpose existing drugs, identify synergies of currently prescribed drugs, and discover new drug targets to facilitate the development of therapies. Its partners in this space include Insilico Medicine, Juvenomics, and Relation Therapeutics.

JuvRegeneration focuses on regeneration of tissues and the use of gene therapies to edit human biology. To this end, Juvenescence has partnered with AgeX Therapeutics, LyGenesis, and Morphoceuticals.

Juvenescence is currently marketing Metabolic Switch, a ketone di-ester product that raises bodily ketones in order to induce ketosis. The company claims that this product supports metabolic health, immune system function, mental acuity, healthy blood sugar, sustained energy, and muscle health. Juvenescence also discusses the consumption of a ketosis-inducing diet in order to facilitate weight loss and improve metabolism.

Juvenescence also heavily discusses metabolism, health, diet, and related topics on its website, including brain aging, research news, data-driven science, tissue regeneration, and information about the Hallmarks of Aging.


Jim Mellon

Juvenescence - Chairman