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Tag: NFTs

Intellectual Property
Three years ago, the concept of a video conference in which participants pass pieces of intellectual property to each other via digital tokens seemed improbable. In 2022, not only is this a reality, it's the fifth such ceremony to take place. The organization responsible is VitaDAO, a decentralized autonomous organization focused on longevity research. Visit...
Evandro Fang Lab
On June 15, 2022, VitaDAO hosted an online IP-NFT Transfer Ceremony honoring its third project funded via an IP-NFT: Evandro Fang Lab. The finances delivered to this lab will go toward further research into identifying novel mitophagy inducers that contribute to healthy brain aging and longevity. Visit the VitaDAO website to learn how you can...
George Church Interview
Professor of Genetics at Harvard Medical School and one of the most prominent geroscientists, George Church works on gene therapies that can potentially reverse age-related diseases. We had the opportunity to interview this prolific researcher and entrepreneur, who is involved in dozens of startups, on topics ranging from the current state of gene therapy to...