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Tag: Methuselah Foundation

September 19, 2018
Good news from the Methuselah Foundation: its boutique venture fund, the Methuselah Funds, LLC (M Fund), successfully closed an initial fundraising round. The M Fund is an accelerator program focused on seed-stage companies working on healthy human lifespan extension. The mission of the program is to speed up the journey of emerging rejuvenation biotechnologies from...
September 05, 2018
David Gobel is an inventor, philanthropist, futurist, and passionate rejuvenation advocate and supporter; he's known for co-founding Methuselah Foundation with Dr. Aubrey de Grey and for proposing the intriguing concept of "longevity escape velocity", but his achievements and successes extend far beyond that. David has kindly granted LEAF a most interesting and detailed interview. If...