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Tag: João Pedro de Magalhães

February 24, 2021
A bold feature article published in Drug Discovery Today illustrates the coming of age of longevity pharmacology. Dr. João Pedro de Magalhães, one of the biggest names in longevity research, outlined some of the great strides taken in the last two decades, as various discoveries have been made in the biology of aging. Lifespan has...
Journal Club Joao Pedro de Magalhaes
June 03, 2020
On Tuesday, June 30, the Journal Club returns, and our special guest Dr. João Pedro de Magalhães will be giving a talk and taking questions about the CellAge database. Dr. João Pedro de Magalhães and his team at the University of Liverpool recently published a new study in which they used a systems biology approach...
May 08, 2020
Few things in aging research are ever straightforward, and today's topic is no exception, as two researchers enjoy some back and forth regarding whether and how the World Health Organization (WHO) should recognize the aging processes as a disease. Proposing a new framework to facilitate development of rejuvenation therapies Back in November 2019, an international...
November 05, 2019
This is the final talk that we are releasing from Ending Age-Related Diseases 2019, our highly successful two-day conference that featured talks from leading researchers and investors, bringing them together to discuss the future of aging and rejuvenation biotechnology. João Pedro de Magalhães of the University of Liverpool discussed the genetic basis of aging and...
November 04, 2019
A new publication by an international team of scientists has proposed a new healthcare framework to help older people stay healthier for longer by improving the development of therapies that target age-related diseases. Society is aging, and we need to change healthcare for the better This new publication urges World Health Organization (WHO), governments, and...
October 17, 2019
In this episode of LifeXtenShow, Nicola asks Giuliano about João Pedro de Magalhães, a researcher who focuses on genomics resources and data analysis in the context of aging research - and whose name neither of the hosts can pronounce. ? HELP SPREAD THE WORD Please connect with us on social media, like and share our...