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Tag: Immune system

Elderly Person Coughing
Researchers have used a big data approach to disentangle cellular and physiological changes that are specific to COVID-19 from those caused by aging [1]. Identifying these improves our understanding of the disease and may help explain why COVID-19 has a more severe effect on older people. A tangled skein The enormous impact of COVID-19 around...
Respiratory tract infection
A new study published in The Lancet shows the results of Phase 2a and Phase 3 clinical trials for the effectiveness of mTOR inhibition on bolstering the aging immune system against respiratory illnesses. Immunosenescence increases disease risk As we grow older, our immune systems become increasingly dysfunctional and less able to defend us from the...
The immune system as a whole can be broadly separated into two main branches: the innate immune response and the adaptive immune response. The innate immune response is performed by a system that is always present across the body, while the adaptive immune response appears only in response to an infection and is always specific...
The Sheekey Science Show on reducing tumor growth
This time on the Sheekey Science Show, the relationship between cancer and exercise is explored. Regular physical activity is associated with a reduced risk of cancer, and an animal study has fingered the proliferation of cytotoxic CD8 T cells as the causative agents of this effect. The physical, metabolic reasons for this are explored as well, and specific exercise metabolites are identified as the causes of these cells' increased ability to infiltrate and thereby reduce tumors.
rat on a petri dish
Recent research published in Nature Communications has regenerated a functional thymus in mice, making several other discoveries along the way [1]. A new sub-type of thymus cell emerges Although it is imperative to our immune health, the thymus is an under-studied organ that slowly disappears as we age. Its main function is to provide a...
Media clown
If you have been following the mainstream media recently, you have probably seen a story about hyperbaric oxygen treatment and claims that it can reverse aging. Unfortunately, the media hype surrounding the results is nothing like the reality of the actual research paper, and this is another example of how shoddy journalism harms our field....