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Tag: Flavonoids

A group of researchers has confirmed the neuroprotective effect of blueberry extract and identified a possible mechanism of action that might facilitate drug development [1]. The delicious cure? Blueberries have long been on the list of "superfoods" that supposedly protect our health and maybe help us live a bit longer. Flavonoids, a class of plant-derived...
Ribes meyeri
Researchers have published a new animal study showing that the plant flavonoid naringenin may be useful in targeting problematic senescent cells in the brain. Ribes meyeri (also known as Ribes meyeri maxim) is a native plant to central Asia, Mongolia and Northeast Afghanistan and is part of the Saxifragaceae family and the Ribes genus; this...
Samsara Therapeutics has completed a seed financing round in collaboration with Apollo Ventures, a venture capital company and biotech incubator that supports longevity research and treatments for age-related diseases. Samsara Therapeutics, Inc. ("Samsara,") a platform biotechnology startup engaged in the discovery and development of compounds that address the primary molecular causes of aging, announced today...