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Tag: Clinical Trials

The Sheekey Science Show on fisetin
January 18, 2021
In this video, the Sheekey Science Show explores fisetin, a flavonoid that is found in strawberries and shown to have senolytic effects. This compound, a polyphenol like resveratrol and quercetin, has been shown to somewhat activate SIRT1, which enhances longevity, while eliminating harmful senescent cells in mice, as proven by the reduction of cells that...
Unity biotechnology logo
October 13, 2020
Unity Biotechnology has recently announced the launch of its Phase 1 study of UBX1325 for patients with diabetic macular edema. The drug is designed to remove problematic senescent cells from the body which accumulate as we get older and are a reason we age. Cellular SenescenceAs your body ages, more of your cells become senescent....
Unity biotechnology logo
August 18, 2020
While we enjoy reporting positive news, we do occasionally have to report bad news, and today is one of those days. There has been some disappointing news from UNITY Biotechnology with the release of its Phase 2 senolytic trial of its candidate drug UBX0101. SOUTH SAN FRANCISCO, Calif., Aug. 17, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- UNITY...
January 07, 2020
Today, we will take a look at the popular supplement fisetin and see how it stacks up as a geroprotector. History of Fisetin Fisetin is a plant polyphenol and part of the flavonoid group in the flavonol sub-category. The earliest record of isolated fisetin dates back to 1833 from the smoke bush (Rhus cotinus). Its...
Gene editing
November 13, 2019
Recently, the first attempt in the United States to use the gene editing tool CRISPR to combat cancer appears to have gone well, according to the initial results of a small human trial to determine safety for the approach. Gene editing is a way to permanently change DNA in order to potentially cure a disease...
November 12, 2019
NMN supplement put to the safety test A human trial of the popular NMN supplement has recently concluded, and the results are not impressive at all; however, this is perfectly fine because that was not the purpose of the study, and, despite the lackluster results, the study was a success! This might sound strange, but...