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Making a Great Video

A well crafted video is the most effective way of generating interest in your project. The trick is finding a good balance of being informative, engaging, and concise β€” clocking in at no more than a few minutes, if possible. Once produced, the video can be uploaded to a video sharing service such as youTube or Vimeo and linked to from your project page. If you like, we can also post your video on our youTube channel as well, for more exposure.


Ideally, your video should:


Introduce yourself and your teammates β€” Creating a strong personal connection with your viewers will engage them in your project.


Tell the story behind your project β€” How will this work potentially improve human longevity? What led you to this particular research and fuels your passion for it? Remember that most of your audience will not have the same academic background you do, so do your best to briefly and engagingly explain the key points of your research, and why it is important to improving human healthspan. Recall that your description can be used to fill in the details.


Be clear about your budget and timeline β€” What and when will be the outcome of your work? Will you make the results open source? How will you go about fulfilling contributor rewards? If you are still figuring out some things, be clear about it; honesty and transparency go a long way in building contributor confidence.


Inspire β€” At we are all trying to better the world by extending the healthy lives of those within it; don’t be afraid to let that shine through. Encourage the viewer to share your project; even if they themselves are unable to contribute financially, they can still help by spreading the word.