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Kevin Perrott, Ph.D.

About Kevin Perrott, Ph.D.

Kevin Perrott is an owner of the oldest and largest snowmobile and motorcycle dealership in Canada with over 50 years in business.   When he became a cancer survivor his priority became minimizing time to the development of interventions for age-related disease.  He started off as one of the first Directors of the Immortality Institute in 2002 from which emerged many leaders in the longevity space.  In 2003 he helped create the Methuselah Foundation and went on to become a cofounder of SENS Research Foundation.  Along the way he obtained a PhD for work studying senolytic and anti-SASP compounds in the Campisi Lab at the Buck Institute and helped cofound Oisin Biotechnologies. While working on his PhD he was exposed to powerful research technologies and, as a cancer survivor wanting to avoid the next age-related disease, he sought to examine his biology at the highest-resolution possible.  After discovering unreasonable barriers preventing  informed and competent individuals from accessing such technologies, he created OpenCures to open the door for himself and others to help themselves, while also being able to collaborate to focus the value of their aggregate data on the development of aging interventions.   Anyone interested in becoming part of this collaborative effort please contact [email protected].

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