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Sedeer el-Showk, Ph.D.

About Sedeer el-Showk, Ph.D.

Sedeer became a professional science writer after finishing a degree in biology. He also writes poetry and sff, and somehow juggles an ever-growing list of hobbies from programming to knitting to gardening. Eternal curiosity and good fortune have taken him to many parts of the world, but he’s settled in Helsinki, Finland for the moment. He hopes he’ll never stop learning new things.

Articles from this author

Breast cancer
Cells from the breasts of women with mutations that increase their risk of breast cancer show signs of accelerated aging, according to new research [1]. Accelerated aging may make these cells worse at suppressing cancer development, offering both an explanation for the effect of these mutations and an unexplored path for possible treatments. Risky mutations...
Changing a single amino acid in a single protein boosts the fidelity of protein synthesis, and that is enough to increase lifespan in a variety of organisms, according to new research [1]. Proofreading proteins The loss of proteostasis is one of the hallmarks of aging. However, much of the research on the topic has focused...
In a paper in Frontiers in Genetics, MaΓ«l Lemoine of France’s CNRS offers an evolutionary perspective on the hallmarks of aging [1]. This review examines the appearance of the hallmarks in different groups across the tree of life, with the aim of providing a comprehensive picture of how the mechanisms of aging have evolved. With...
Muscles in motion
Boosting the expression of the transcription factor NANOG reduces markers of cellular senescence in cultured muscle cells and in live mouse models, according to new research [1]. This holds out the hope that cells could be rejuvenated without reprogramming them to pluripotency, avoiding some of the associated risks such as oncogenicity. However, some of the...
Cognitive decline and neurological aging may involve a peptide known as adropin, according to new research. The identification of this link offers a new perspective on the aging brain and points to novel potential therapies. A newly discovered metabolic neuropeptide The adropin protein is encoded by the Energy Homeostasis Associated (ENHO) gene, and as the...
The Science and Technology of Growing Young
Sergey Young's The Science and Technology of Growing Young ( is on Amazon Smile) is a mix of exciting longevity research and heady optimism. In an easy-to-read 272 pages, the investor gives a whirlwind tour of research on aging and the companies that are trying to turn this science into technology. In good hands Young...