Summer Off to a Great Start for Longevity

We have good news in the run-up to EARD2023.



Summer is here, but we haven’t been relaxing around the pool. Instead, we’ve been busy working on the fight to defeat age-related diseases!

This last few months has been a very busy time for us here at Lifespan.io. We have been focused on our upcoming Ending Age-Related Diseases 2023 conference and making sure its sixth year is the best yet.

More about the conference later! First, we have some other exciting news to share that showcases how we are making rejuvenation and longevity research mainstream.

Lifespan.io joins forces with Chris Hemsworth’s Centr

One of our primary advocacy goals is to engage the wider public audience about rejuvenation and longevity science. To that end, we are delighted to announce that Lifespan.io has teamed up with Chris Hemsworth’s health and wellness company, Centr.

Chris Hemsworth

The collaboration between Centr and Lifespan.io will emphasize the importance of preventive measures, showcase a future in which aging is better managed and comprehended, and show how our present lifestyle choices can influence our future health.


Eterna is a clothing company with a focus on longevity.

Centr will be adapting a selection of our news and educational content for its health and wellness audience. From that point, Centr readers also have the option to read the original articles and hopefully delve deeper into the world of rejuvenation and longevity research.

Hopefully, this partnership will encourage more of the people to take an interest in this fascinating field of science. We are a non-profit advocacy organization, and alliances like this help to power that advocacy for longer, healthier lives.

Lifespan visits Zuzalu

We have been busy on the journalism and advocacy side of things recently, too. We were at Zuzalu, the “pop-up” city in Montenegro. This experimental event ran from March 25 to May 25, 2023 and was designed to foster collaboration.

Zuzalu Lighthouse

Zuzalu united individuals who were interested in gaining knowledge, encouraging creativity, promoting longevity and wellness, and establishing self-sufficient communities. The event featured a diverse range of activities that covered topics such as rejuvenation, synthetic biology, privacy-enhancing technology, public goods, artificial intelligence, governance, and many others.

LIfespan.io journalist Arkadi Mazin attended the event and has written a special feature: check out Zuzalu: Shining City on the Black Mountain to learn more about this fascinating event. Arkadi has also written Zuzalu Talks Longevity: Highlights from the Conference as a quick summary of the event.


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Lifespan.io Executive Director Stephanie Dainow was also there and gave a talk at the event. Not everyone at the event was familiar with rejuvenation and longevity research, so the focus was on engaging new audiences in an accessible way. The talk saw Stephanie and Nathan Cheng, executive director of Longevity Biotech Fellowship, give a short overview of longevity biotech.

Keith Comito, president of Lifespan.io, discussed the convergence of longevity and emerging technologies like NFTs in his presentation. Despite some people viewing NFTs as a mere fad, Keith highlighted the technology’s potential for various intriguing applications.

OneSkin teams up with LifeNoggin to talk about skin aging

LifeNoggin has teamed up with Oneskin to make a video about skin aging and how researchers are finding ways to fight back.

Thanks to OneSkin for sponsoring this video, and if you would like to find out how you can sponsor a video, please get in touch.


Announcing the Longevity and DeSci Recap

Interest and support for longevity and rejuvenation research is constantly growing. Lifespan.io is one of the organizations leading the advocacy movement to popularize rejuvenation research and make healthy longevity something everyone will want.

As part of that growth, there are a significant number of decentralized science (DeSci) supporters who are interested in longevity. Many people in the DeSci community are already donating to aging research and supporting many of the projects we are.

To that end, we are delighted to announce that we will be publishing the all-new Longevity and DeSci Recap every month. This will be a rapid-fire summary of what is happening in the longevity and DeSci space, much like our Rejuvenation Roundup but with a focus on the DeSci and blockchain side of things.

You will find the latest interviews, insights, and research in the longevity biotech sphere, covering topics including blockchain, DAOs, cryptocurrency, decentralized science (DeSci), and more, and letting you know about exciting events or studies coming up in the near future.

Want to know more? Then check out the first edition of the Longevity and DeSci Recap!

Join us for Ending Age-Related Diseases 2023

The Ending Age-Related Diseases conference (EARD) returns for its sixth year, and this one promises to be even better!

EARD 2023 banner.

We are bringing the leading experts in rejuvenation research, biotech investment, and decentralized science (DeSci) together for two action-packed days. We have workshops, talks, panel discussions, and more for you to enjoy this year.

We have some great confirmed speakers this year, and below is just a small sample.

EARD speakers

Join us in NYC or online for EARD2023

CapitaleThis event is happening at the stunning Capitale building in New York City. This stunning neoclassical building dates back to 1895 and boasts Corinthian columns, Venetian glass, and marble mosaic floors.

We cannot think of a better setting to meet and learn about the latest advancements in longevity and rejuvenation research.

Get your ticket at a discounted price today

As much as we would love to have you all join us in NYC, there is good news for people who cannot make it. This year not only marks our return to physical conferences, but we are also making EARD an online event too. Everyone can join us this year!

Regular ticket prices are currently at a lower Early Bird cost until the 30th of June: register today if you want to grab a bargain!

To do this, we need your support. Your charitable contribution tranforms into rejuvenation research, news, shows, and more. Will you help?