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This partnership is a big step towards making rejuvenation and longevity popular with the public.


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We are thrilled to announce a new partnership with Centr to provide its community with world-class expertise on longevity. The official press release follows.

Centr, a health and wellness ecosystem founded by Chris Hemsworth, today announced an all-new partnership with Lifespan.io, a 501(c)(3) foundation whose mission is to accelerate progress towards extending healthy human lifespan, through strategic media and advocacy initiatives. Lifespan.io produces science-backed content authored by world-class experts to educate the public on healthy aging and the latest longevity research, making their platform an essential source of information about the ever-evolving world of medicine.

This partnership allows Centr and Lifespan.io to underscore the importance of preventive care, highlight the possibility of a future where aging is an understood and more controlled process, and demonstrate the impact that today’s decisions can have on tomorrow’s wellbeing.

Working with world-renowned trainers and coaches throughout his career, Chris experienced the power of interconnected fitness, nutrition, and mental wellness and is determined to make this level of education and transformative wellness available to all, a vision that’s celebrated through Centr’s partnership with Lifespan.io. Starting today, an expertly curated and adapted selection of Lifespan.io’s longevity biotech news and educational content will be available on Centr.com and within the Centr app, home to an extensive library of content that helps customers reach their wellness goals.

“At Centr, we believe that health and wellness is all-encompassing and adopting healthier habits early on sets us up for improved wellbeing later in life,” said Andrew Sugerman, CEO of Centr. “Centr allows its customers to achieve limitless potential with the tools, inspiration and motivation they need to fuel their routines and lead more fulfilling lives. Through this partnership, Centr will seamlessly offer members expert content focused on healthy aging to help them make more informed lifestyle choices.”


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Lifespan.io offers comprehensive information on rejuvenation science and longevity biotechnology. With a focus on responsible journalism and high-impact media initiatives, the organization provides breaking news as well as evergreen content – ideal for anyone who likes to stay up to date with everything happening in this rapidly evolving field that is considered by many to be the future of health and medicine. On Centr, customers will be able to access highly informative adapted Lifespan.io articles ranging from easily implementable healthy habits to the latest breakthroughs in research.

“We are thrilled to partner with Centr to provide its community with world-class expertise on aging and longevity,” said Stephanie Dainow, Executive Director of Lifespan.io. “Lifespan.io was founded with a vision to accelerate rejuvenation research and the development of biotechnologies that will help extend healthy human lifespan. We are extremely excited about our strategic collaboration with Centr as it provides a critical opportunity to amplify this mission to a wider audience, and in turn help more people improve their health through science-based approaches to everyday wellness.”

This summer, Centr will be an official Media Partner at Lifespan.io’s sixth annual conference: Longevity+DeSci Summit, August 10-11 in New York City. The conference serves as a nexus for the entire longevity biotech industry – bringing together investors, entrepreneurs, academia, government officials, and the general public. To learn more about the event and join Lifespan.io in building a powerful ecosystem that can generate therapies and technologies to help people live longer and healthier lives, visit: www.lifespan.io/ending-age-related-diseases-2023.

To learn more about Centr and discover its best-in-class, comprehensive content spanning fitness, nutrition, mindfulness, motivation and preventive care, go to Centr.com. Follow Centr’s Facebook (@Centr), on Instagram (@CentrFit) and TikTok (@Centrfitofficial) for daily wellness advice and inspiration.

To learn more about Lifespan.io and discover all of its programs, educational resources, and advocacy initiatives, go to Lifespan.io. Subscribe to the Lifespan.io Newsletter, learn on their multi-million-subscriber edutainment Youtube channel (@Life Noggin), watch the latest news on the (@Lifespan News), and follow Lifespan.io on all social media platforms (@LifespanIO).


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About Centr

Centr is a leading fitness and wellness platform founded by Chris Hemsworth with a mission to empower people to live well by energizing their every day. Inspired by Chris Hemsworth’s team of experts, Centr offers personalized training and tips spanning movement, meals and mind to fuel members’ daily healthy habits. To further help members achieve their health and fitness goals, Centr is expanding its platform to add transformational in-home fitness equipment and accessories, available at select retailers worldwide. To learn more, visit www.Centr.com.

About Lifespan.io

Lifespan.io is a leading nonprofit advocacy foundation and online platform committed to advancing the science of aging and promoting healthy human lifespan. By supporting groundbreaking research projects, disseminating educational resources, and raising public awareness about the importance of longevity, Lifespan.io aims to accelerate the development of therapies that can improve the quality of life for people worldwide. With a focus on collaboration and innovation, Lifespan.io is driving the conversation on aging research and transforming the way we approach health and wellness throughout our lives. For more information, please visit www.lifespan.io.


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