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300 Years of Saving Animals, a Wildlife Guardian’s Wish

Simon Cowell from the Wildlife Aid Foundation supports life extension.

Lifespan Docs Save the AnimalsLifespan Docs Save the Animals

Today, we are proud to announce the second video in our Lifespan Docs series. This is part of an ongoing series of videos that focuses on the positive aspects of a world in which healthy life extension is possible.

As part of that, we are making films about inspiring people whose work is having a positive impact on the world. Each of these films explores the amazing things that these people are doing and what a longer, healthier life thanks to life extension technologies would mean to them.

The mind is willing, but the flesh is weak

Today’s film features Simon Cowell, the CEO and founder of the Wildlife Aid Foundation (WAF), a UK charity doing important animal rescue and rehabilitation work. During the film, Simon talked about how getting older impacts the work he loves.

He routinely struggles to accept the fact that climbing fences and jumping around in the treetops are just no longer within his ability.  “I can’t go 70 feet up a tree anymore, my body just won’t do it…” If he had his way, Simon would never stop. “I’d go for 200 years; give me 300 years!”

Often, he is ready to leap into action during a physically daring rescue to help his team save an injured animal in the wild. “It frustrates me hugely because my mind is there, but my body just goes… Simon, we’re not doing that today,” he said and added, “I hate being old.”

We could not agree more; it is not the getting older that is the problem but rather the failing strength, increasing frailty, and ill health that accompanies it. Simon’s experience is, sadly, a familiar one, as we gradually lose our independence and the ability to do the things we enjoy due to the consequences of aging.

More about the Wildlife Aid Foundation

WAF is dedicated to the rescue, care, and rehabilitation of sick, injured, and orphaned wildlife, and it aims to return every animal that is capable of survival back to its natural environment.

Considering that WAF takes in up to 80 animals per day, that goal is no small task. Three decades after Simon started this charity, he still goes out in the middle of the night on rescues. But despite his relentless passion and dedication to his work, even Simon is not immune to the effects of aging.

Many more healthy, productive years for Simon’s work wouldn’t just make him happy, it would be a gift to the environment and the community. People like Simon show why the most rewarding thing that science can do for humanity is to promote research focused on healthy life extension. What could be better than more years of healthy active life, doing the things you love?

Please support the work that WAF and is doing

If you enjoyed this video and would like to see a world where inspiring people like Simon can continue their valuable work for many more years, please consider supporting us with a donation. We are a non-profit organization, and your support will help us to make more thought-provoking films like this.

We love the work that the WAF is doing and urge you to visit its website and see how you can help it too. We would like to thank Simon for taking the time to speak with us and make this film possible.

If you would like to see more, you can watch our first Lifespan Docs video, in which Patricia Wolff of Meds & Food for Kids Speaks Out About Longevity.

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