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Tag: Lifespan Docs

Lifespan Docs Aliens
Created by Tim Maupin and sponsored by, this Lifespan Docs documentary features Doug Vakoch of METI, who wishes to live longer to have any hope of receiving responses to interstellar messages. Script Imagine what it might be like when we transmit a message to the nearest star to Earth, Proxima Centauri, just over four...
Lifespan Docs Save the Animals
Today, we are proud to announce the second video in our Lifespan Docs series. This is part of an ongoing series of videos that focuses on the positive aspects of a world in which healthy life extension is possible. As part of that, we are making films about inspiring people whose work is having a...
Patricia Wolff from MFK
Here at, we are passionate about engaging with people about the exciting potential of longer and healthier lives through science. Age-related diseases not only kill the people we care about, they cause tremendous suffering along the way, not only for the people struggling with these diseases but for the loved ones who watch them...