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Fighting Aging and Hurricane Harvey: AgeMeter Campaign Extension and Matching Funds Announced


Aging remains the number one killer, taking the lives of 100,000 people per day due to a number of severe age-related diseases like cancer, heart disease, and Alzheimer’s. Still, this is not the only danger we have to protect ourselves from: the recent developments in the US with the devastating Hurricane Harvey clearly show how important is to unite our efforts to gain more control over our lives.

This storm has influenced our activities at in an unexpected and unprecedented way: Elliott Small, the project leader of AgeMeter, was called in by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to help with the disaster relief effort, helping local people to deal with the consequences of the storm. During this time he had to postpone all campaign activities in order to lend a hand.

It is partly for this reason that we at have decided to extend the AgeMeter campaign by two weeks, to allow the project team to make up for lost time and hopefully achieve 100% funding! If you considered donating to AgeMeter to get this useful device to measure functional age developed, now you can do it until September 15.

We are also happy to announce the support of two initiatives for matching donations for this campaign.  The first is an anonymous donor who will match the next $1,000 donated to the campaign, making your contribution count double.  

The community at LongeCity has also decided to support the campaign with a matching fundraiser to get an AgeMeter for use in their affiliate labs!

We are very proud of Elliott for helping those in desperate need and confident that our community will carry his important project to the success it deserves.

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