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Elena Milova

About Elena Milova

Elena has been a longevity activist and advocate since 2013, when she first started to organize educational events to make new evidence-based methods of healthy life extension more popular. The last few years have seen Elena leading some successful projects in Russia, aimed at spreading the idea of healthy longevity among decision makers as well as the general public. Several years of lobbying resulted in the inclusion of her propositions in the strategic program documents of the Russian Federation related to the problems of the elderly. She is a co-author of the book “Aging Prevention for All” (in Russian, 2015), where, among other topics, she is sharing how to facilitate the adoption of the healthy lifestyle to promote the period of good health. In 2015, Elena helped to shape and coordinate the successful crowdfunding campaign of the Major Mouse Testing Program – a study of Senolytic drug combinations on mouse lifespan. In 2017 at LEAF, Elena led a successful advocacy project to include the problems of the elderly into the WHO’s 13th Programme of Work . Previously Elena has worked as a project manager in the pharmaceutical and advertisement industries, helping to promote new drugs and therapies. This experience helped her to realize that the existing therapies were not 100% effective and could not completely stop age-related diseases – which has ignited an interest for the development of innovative therapies. Elena graduated with a bachelor’s in both psychology and foreign languages and is now working to earn her MBA at the oldest Russian business school MIRBIS. Elena left her Board and staff position at LEAF in January 2022 to pursue other endeavours.

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Old Fact Check
I started to like sci-fi movies as a child, and I am still a fan. However the more I learn about science and technology, the harder it is to ignore inconsistencies and fantasy the producers present as facts in order to excite the viewer. One can still try to enjoy the movie by not thinking...
Developing healthy practices could help you live a longer life.
Every day, researchers get together in their labs and try to find ways of bringing aging under medical control. Despite the ongoing global effort, it is estimated that a relatively complete system of controlling biological aging is at least 20 years away. That means there is likely going to be considerable time before life extension...
There is one common public reaction to my talks that bothers me quite a bit. I am worried that after each of my lectures, people will just start taking lots of supplements without regard for dosage or effectiveness, potentially hurting themselves in the process. This is because one of the most common reactions to me...
Any discussion of rejuvenation biotechnology almost certainly includes the subject of overpopulation and the objection that medical advances that directly address the various processes of aging will lead to an overpopulated world. Such dire predictions are a common theme in many discussions involving advances in medicine that could increase human lifespans. Overpopulation is a word that gives the simple...
Some people think life extension is unnatural.
Whenever the topic of any possible increased healthy longevity through science is discussed, a common objection to developing the technology is that it is unnatural. This argument usually arises during discussions of therapies that directly address the various processes of aging, and it is important to understand their basis and the reasons behind this line of thought. The...
Everlasting boredom is a common concern when it comes to the idea of extended human lifespans. There are many who expect life to become empty and meaningless with time because everything has been already experienced; there is nothing else to discover, nothing else can surprise or please. This idea has become so ingrained in our...