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Month: August 2020

Dr. Aubrey de Grey thumbnail
In his keynote speech at Ending Age-Related Diseases 2020, Dr. Aubrey de Grey of SENS Research Foundation discusses the current state of the rejuvenation biotechnology industry in the context of the current pandemic. He mentions the failure of Unity Biotechnology's Phase 2 clinical trial for osteoarthritis, COVID-19 and the elderly immune system, the current popularization...
Keith Comito thumbnail
We're releasing the first of our videos from Ending Age-Related Diseases 2020, our successful two-day online conference that featured luminaries from the worlds of both rejuvenation biotechnology and investment. LEAF president Keith Comito opened the conference by giving a talk on the conference and its platform, the dangers of aging and what LEAF has been...
Image of someone editing DNA
A gene therapy treatment can ameliorate the loss of motor function and muscle strength in old mice, offering elderly people hope for continuing their active lives. DOK7 is crucial for muscle function Declining motor function is common with aging and can significantly reduce the quality of life. This decline occurs at least in part due...
Banner for the Biotechnology Startup workshop
Dr. Kelsey Moody is the CEO of Ichor Therapeutics, a company devoted to studying and curing the root causes of aging. Its research team consists of other 50 people in Lafayette, PA and continues to produce cutting-edge aging research. In his biotechnology workshop conducted at Ending Age-Related Diseases 2019 and made available at Ending Age-Related...
virtual conference thumbnail
Last week, on Thursday and Friday, I attended a conference. No, it wasn't in a bustling hot conference center, with thousands of other people much closer than 6 feet from me talking about tech and disrupting various industries. Instead, I was sitting at home with my computer on my desk, drinking a hot cup of...
Great news, the SENS Research Foundation is finally back in the lab and have been sending out the MitoMouse rewards starting last week. COVID-19 may slow down shipping but things are looking on track to have all the gifts sent out in the next few weeks.