BioAge Labs � BGE-105

BioAge is a biotechnology company focused on developing therapies to extend human healthspan and treat age-related diseases. Their primary goal is to help people live healthier, longer lives by delaying or reversing the aging process. To achieve this, BioAge uses various approaches, including biomarker discovery, drug discovery and development, and collaborations and partnerships. Apelin is a small secreted peptide hormone that regulates multiple aspects of muscle physiology, including cell growth and survival, regeneration, and repair. Proprietary longitudinal human cohorts revealed that higher apelin signaling activity correlates with improved muscle function, reduced frailty, and longer lifespan. In mice, apelin levels decline with age; by contrast, activation of apelin signaling reverses age-related sarcopenia. BGE-105 is an oral agonist of the apelin receptor APJ. By targeting this fundamental mechanism of aging, BGE-105 could treat multiple acute and chronic indications: improving muscle strength in frail patients, accelerating rehabilitation following fractures, and increasing mobility after extended bed rest.