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Patrick Deane

Patrick Deane

About Patrick Deane

As an undergraduate of Human Biosciences at Plymouth University, aging research has been Patrick’s passion for a long time now. While he has aspirations to later directly join the research effort, for now, he provides the community with educational articles, spreading knowledge of the biology behind the aging process while he himself learns.

Articles from this author

September 24, 2019
The ability to create synthetic organs has long been desired in medicine. If we could make synthetic organs for patients from their own cells, we could replace injured or damaged organs without risking the body rejecting the organ. This would have huge implications for the treatment of liver and kidney diseases, among others. For years,...
August 12, 2019
Today, we have to share some bad news about Organovo and its liver tissue bioprinting program. Present state and future steps Organovo, a biotechnology company currently valued at $45M and most well-known for researching bioprinting technologies - the creation of artificial organs - has recently announced that it is suspending its artificial liver tissue program...
August 07, 2019
A study on animals with autoimmune myocarditis was recently released in the journal Cell Reports [1], showing the impact of heart inflammation on the types of immune cell that are formed in the heart. This could have a significant impact on our understanding of cardiac aging. What is myocarditis and how is it relevant to...
July 22, 2019
Today, we want to highlight a recent human trial of the popular supplement nicotinamide riboside, a compound that has been shown in mice to restore NAD+ levels. The compound has had impressive results against some aspects of aging in mouse studies, and there is now some more data for NR in humans [1]. What is...
June 21, 2019
Note: Patrick Deane holds shares in Gensight Biologics (EPA: SIGHT). A trial with damagingly positive results Gensight Biologics, a company researching - among other things - the movement of mitochondrial genetic information to the nucleus to treat hereditary genetic diseases (a strategy that could also have an impact on aging according to the SENS Research...
June 19, 2019
Recently, Unity Biotechnology completed a phase 1 trial of its drug UBX0101. While the trial found that the drug was non-toxic and lacked serious side effects, many of its results were not statistically significant. UBX0101 UBX0101 aims to treat osteoarthritis and possibly other diseases of aging through directly targeting one of the aspects of aging...