Vitalia: A “Los Alamos” for Longevity Starting in Roatán

This pop-up city is similar to Zuzalu.


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Vitalia is a new venture that aims to redefine the longevity biotech landscape, fostering drug development at warp speed: 4 months to get to market, instead of 10+ years.

From January 6 to March 1, Vitalia will be hosting a two-month pop-up city experience similar to Vitalik Buterin’s Zuzalu. The event will take place on the Caribbean paradise island of Roatán, Honduras.

This venture will feature more than 200 people from all over the world, creating a community of people driven by an entrepreneurial spirit who love life and want to see the future, both experts and citizen scientists.

Visionary Mission

Vitalia 2024 is not just an event. It’s a movement with a bold mission: to accelerate progress in extending healthy human lifespan.

Vitalia’s first pop-up city is only setting the foundation for a permanent longevity district on Roatán. The community aims to build 3-5 such lasting hubs in the real world with tens of thousands of residents, locals and internationals, coordinated by a cloud community.


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The strategy for Vitalia was inspired by Balaji Srinivasan’s idea of “The Network State.”

Vitalia is a moonshot project. The initiators see Vitalia as necessary to make longevity escape velocity a reality in our lifetime by creating an environment for thousands of biotech companies to accelerate.

Structured Innovation Weeks

This upcoming event is structured around four bi-weekly themes:

  • Longevity & Human Improvement: An introduction to longevity as a concept linked with all aspects of human improvement; exploring bioscience, business models, healthcare economics & regulation, and ethics to inspire life-saving innovations.
  • Crypto Cities & Network States: Exploring the societal impact of crypto technology by examining shifts in governance, economies, and communities in a way that is focused on real-world challenges and inspires participants to develop practical solutions.
  • AI & Technological Progress: A deep dive into the potential of AI solving problems of modern life and in nearly all areas of industry that focuses on the broader implications of technology. This week synthesizes discussions from previous weeks towards future-oriented solutions.
  • Pathways to Healthy Life Extension: Presenting solutions for healthy life extension by collaborating with the broader aging research and longevity biotech industry while showcasing the concrete outcomes and projects that emerged during Vitalia.

Community Engagement and Collaboration

Vitalia 2024 is not only an intellectual exploration; it’s a call to action. Residents are called “builders” and are encouraged to set ambitious goals and build new ventures. Regular pitch competitions, crowdfunding, and legal advice will help the builders get started building the next blockbuster drug, new insurance models, or healthcare practices.

Why Roatán?

Próspera, a Special Economic Zone on Roatán, was strategically chosen for its progressive legal framework, which allows for medical freedom and fosters an environment that is conducive to innovation with entrepreneurship.


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The island of Roatan is known for its safety, world-class coral reef, and growing popularity with international tourism.

Biotech company Minicircle has conducted clinical studies on the island under an IRB by the GARM Clinic, a stem cell clinic founded by reputed physician Dr. Glenn Terry. Minicircle made waves by treating longevity super-influencer Bryan Johnson with follistatin gene therapy.

Open Invitation and Application Process

Vitalia 2024 extends an open invitation to individuals passionate about shaping the future of longevity. There are few spots left, so applicants are highly encouraged to apply here soon.

Additional Information

Visit the official Vitalia 2024 website for comprehensive details, FAQs, financing options, and travel guides (including visas and housing).

Note: This press release provides a high-level overview. Detailed information and updates are available on the official Vitalia 2024 website.


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