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On Deck Longevity Biotech and the founders of have collaborated to start the Longevity Biotech Fellowship, a new initiative focusing on bringing upcoming professionals into the longevity industry. The full press release is included below. Would you like to help accelerate the biggest revolution in the history of medicine? Apply to the Longevity Biotech...
Quantum Healthy Longevity
London. 14 November 2022.  The National Innovation Centre for Ageing and Collider Health launch the Quantum Healthy Longevity Innovation Mission with a keynote by Lord Bethell, former Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Technology, Innovation and Life Sciences, to shift ‘sickcare’ to a new model based on proactive prevention, with the ever-growing recognition that wealth...
Longevity Summit
  On December 6-7, 2022, the Buck Institute for Research on Aging will be hosting the Longevity Summit 2022. is pleased to announce that we are an official media partner for this upcoming conference. The Summit will see many of the leading experts in the field coming together in the grounds of the architecturally...

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