The Longevity Biotech Fellowship Bottleneck Survey

Longevity professionals shared their biggest hindrances.



The LBF community is dedicated to maximally accelerating progress in longevity. While the field has seen substantial advances in the past decade, there are clear and systemic deficiencies that have received little attention but retard progress for many. To coordinate efforts and identify the highest leverage intervention points, it is necessary to first understand and map these deficiencies and bring them into the limelight.

The LBF aimed to establish an empirical, systematic, rigorous, and minimally biased methodology to map bottlenecks across the field. To do so, they surveyed 400 participants across various sectors of longevity, asking them for their biggest bottlenecks and most wanted solutions in structured and free-form questions. From the more than 1000 answers, they built a classification system of Bottlenecks and Solutions and tabulated the frequency of each. The result is a first-of-a-kind taxonomy of the biggest needs and biggest wants of the longevity space.

On their site, you’ll find the main takeaways of this work. For more detail, see their preprint paper, explore the answers in their interactive site, or access the full dataset for your own analysis.

Most importantly, if you want to make an impact and help solve or fund solving any of these bottlenecks, sign up to a working group.


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