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Tag: Centenarians

Scientists have discovered a possible mechanism that protects extremely long-lived people from aging [1]. Protected persons A few days ago, news came of the death of the oldest person in the world (and the oldest ever to have her age indisputably confirmed), 119-year-old Kane Tanaka from Japan. People who live past 100 or 110 years...
A new study has shown that people who live for over 105 years typically have a genetic makeup that allows better repair of DNA damage [1]. Looking at the genomes of people who enjoy extreme longevity There has always been lots of interest in what allows some people to live considerably longer than their peers,...
Jeanne Calment has the claim of being the longest lived human, but two researchers believe this claim may be false. Is the oldest recorded human being potentially a hoax? If you open an article dedicated to supercentenarians, it is very likely that at its very beginning, you will see the name of Jeanne Calment, the...