Vaxxinity (was United Neuro.) � UB-311

Dallas, Texas-based Vaxxinity, under the direction of CEO Mei Mei Hu, JD and Chief Medical Officer Ulo Palm, uses synthetic peptides to mimic and optimally combine biological epitopes to selectively activate the immune system and overcome “immune tolerance”, or the body’s tendency to avoid attacking molecules within your own body. Traditional vaccine technologies have to date fallen short in attempts to achieve this due to insufficient responses and side effects. The platform has been scientifically validated, with billions of doses commercialized in animal health, and 6 human clinical trials successfully completed. Vaxxinity’s lead product UB-311 targets toxic forms of aggregated Aβ in the brain to fight Alzheimer’s. Phase 1, Phase 2a and Phase 2a LTE trials have shown UB-311 to be well tolerated in early AD subjects over three years of repeat dosing, with a safety profile comparable to placebo, with no cases of amyloid-related imaging abnormalities-edema (“ARIA-E”) in the main study. Highly immunogenic with a high responder rate and antibodies that bind to the desired target. The FDA has granted UB-311 Fast Track Designation.