BioAge � BGE-117

BioAge is developing BGE-117, a drug that inhibits an enzyme responsible for breaking down Hypoxia-Inducible Factor (HIF). Increased amounts of HIF in the bloodstream are associated with blood cell production, glucose metabolism, and vascular remodeling.

The company is engaging in a Phase 2a trial of this drug against unexplained anemia, a disorder that affects older people and reduces their red blood cell counts for reasons that, as of yet, are not understood. In this Australian study, which will be conducted at 15 sites, an oral dose of BGE-117 will be given to 80 patients (with an additional 80 receiving a placebo) daily for 12 weeks.

This trial’s endpoints will be hemoglobin levels and self-reported results on the FACIT-F scale, which evaluates the effects of fatigue on daily life. Other biomarkers and muscle aging will also be measured.

BioAge has also initiated a Phase 2 trial of BGE-175, an oral inhibitor of prostaglandin D2 (PGD2) DP1 signaling, for COVID-19 by reversing immune aging by inhibiting neutrophil migration and boosting dendritic cell function.

In addition, BioAge has announced, as per a press release,  positive topline results for BGE-105 in a Phase 1b clinical trial evaluating muscle atrophy in older volunteers at bed rest.   Apelin agonist BGE-105 resulted in statistically significant improvement vs. placebo in muscle size, quality, and protein synthesis in volunteers ≥65 years old during 10 days of bed rest, with no serious adverse effects. Results support advancement to Phase 2 study of BGE-105 to prevent adverse muscle atrophy–related outcomes for older patients in the ICU.

BGE-105 activates the widely distributed APJ receptor. Previously, researchers have shown that activation of the APJ receptor influences a range of physiological and pathological functions, including fluid homeostasis, anxiety, and depression, as well as cardiovascular and metabolic disorders.

Note: Positive topline results indicate audited, quality-controlled tables, listings and figures reflecting all results of the clinical trial.

Website: https://bioagelabs.com/

Article: https://www.lifespan.io/news/bioage-launches-clinical-trial-for-unexplained-anemia-of-aging/