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Tam Hunt

Tam Hunt

About Tam Hunt

Tam Hunt is a lawyer and writer with a background in biology. Among other things, he runs a blog on called Forever Young? devoted to the science, technology, and philosophy of combating aging.

Articles from this author

Interview image for Prof. Melissa Harris
By our late 30s, most of us have a growing number of gray hairs. They just show up one day, unannounced, and they continue to hang out, usually unwelcomed. Then, they multiply, steadily, inexorably. That little party becomes a larger party, and eventually the party takes over and kicks everyone else out. Some of us...
Reason, author of the anti-aging blog Fight Aging and CEO of Repair Biotechnologies, still isn't convinced that methylation is very useful in assessing biological age or the efficacy of various therapeutics, despite the wide use of methylation-based clocks. He surprised me at this year's Longevity Therapeutics conference in San Francisco by speaking out about the...
Interview with Lewis Gruber
At the recent Longevity Therapeutics Conference in San Francisco, we had the chance to interview Lewis Gruber of SIWA Therapeutics and discuss his company's senotherapeutic approach to cancer and senescent cells. He was accompanied by his wife, Misty, who is the CFO of SIWA. Many of our readers are familiar with CAR-T immunotherapy, which has...
Interview with Hanadie Yousef
At the recent Longevity Therapeutics Conference in San Francisco, we had the chance to interview Hanadie Yousef, the co-founder and CEO of Juvena Therapeutics. Juvena is isolating proteins from embryonic stem cells that promote tissue regrowth. Can you describe in more detail Juvena's approach to developing protein therapeutics that promote tissue regeneration in the elderly?...
Irina and Michael Conboy
We were at the recent Longevity Therapeutics Conference in San Francisco, and we had the opportunity to interview Irina and Michael Conboy from UC Berkeley about their pioneering work on blood factors and aging. Irina is a member of our Scientific Advisory Board, and the Conboys' work is well-known to rejuvenation advocates, as they are...
Is the focus on senolytics, drugs that eliminate senescent cells, potentially damaging for longevity? In this interview, Dr. Michael Fossel, who has focused his research on telomeres and the development of telomerase therapy for decades, discusses the potential downsides of senolytics and the promise of telomerase therapy for treating age-related diseases. Senescent cells no longer...