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Chromatin and histones
June 11, 2021
Researchers have demonstrated that rapamycin, a drug that has long been believed to slow down aging, changes the way DNA is stored inside cells to support gut health and longevity [1]. This improvement to DNA storage has been observed in both fruit flies and mice in the lab, and the researchers believe that those benefits...
Zalzala interview
June 03, 2021
We are very excited to be crowdfunding PEARL, one of the few human trials of rapamycin, which is probably the most promising anti-aging molecule known today. Dysregulation of nutrient sensing (the ability of cells to adjust their metabolism to the amount of nutrients available) is thought to be one of the nine hallmarks of aging....
May 28, 2021
Today, we want to announce we are doing an AMA on Reddit Futurology! The Ask Me Anything thread will be open May 28 and 29 for pre-questions, and on May 30 and 31, the PEARL team will be answering questions. This is your opportunity to ask questions about the project, which aims to launch human...
PEARL Rapamycin Campaign
May 17, 2021
Today is an exciting day for us with the launch of the Participatory Evaluation (of) Aging (with) Rapamycin (for) Longevity Study, or PEARL, on The PEARL trial will be the first large-scale human trial with a focus on slowing down aging. Making clinical trials for anti-aging a reality Progress in developing effective interventions against...