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Tag: Heart Failure

Back from the dead
Researchers have been able to achieve substantial recovery of cellular and organismal activity in pigs that had been dead for a full hour [1]. When is it too late? Advances in resuscitation have already moved the boundaries of life and death, making it possible to revive a person several minutes after the heart stops beating....
Diabetes Heart
The latest research published in Diabetes has implicated senescent cardiac stem cells as the link between diabetes and cardiovascular disease [1]. Why does diabetes increase the risk of cardiovascular disease? Type 2 diabetes mellitus is closely related to aging. Aging is a major risk factor for diabetes, and individuals with diabetes exhibit several characteristics of...
Human Heart
Researchers have found that the protein fortilin, which is abundant in the heart, protects it from failure by blocking apoptotic activity. This discovery opens new possibilities in treating age-related heart diseases [1]. When your heart fails you As menacing at it sounds, heart failure (HF) does not mean that your heart has completely failed, just...

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