LongX Launches the Xplore Program for Students

This program features an introductory longevity course and practical biotech experience.


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LongX, an initiative dedicated to providing early-career avenues into longevity, announced a call for applications for its 2024 Xplore Program. The program lasts from June 2024 until September 2024 and features a one-month longevity primer course followed by the opportunity to gain educational experience with a company operating in the longevity biotechnology sector.

LongX ApplicationsThe program is fully remote and open to high school and undergraduate students of any background. Fellows in the program will have the opportunity to learn about aging biology, product management, longevity tools and roadmaps, the ethics of aging interventions, and more. They will be guided throughout the program by university graduates and gain additional insights through fireside chats with experts.

2024 industry partners include Vincere Bio, Senexell, AgeRate, and several more.

To apply or learn more about the program, please visit LongX.

About LongX

LongX was launched in 2023 as a platform for youth interested in longevity. We prioritize fostering innovation and interdisciplinary collaboration, aiming for both short-term impact and long-term progress. We encourage exploration beyond traditional roles and aim to equip future experts with the skills to drive progress. Our Substack provides regular articles on our thoughts, experiences, and interviews.


Eterna is a clothing company with a focus on longevity.


Denisa Lepădatu, Co-Founder | Outreach

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