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Life Noggin Joins the Family

Top Pop-Sci channel is now part of our non-profit org

Life Noggin has joined the family.Life Noggin has joined the family.

Today, we are delighted to officially announce that the popular pop-sci Youtube channel, Life Noggin, has joined the family. To celebrate the official launch, we are pleased to reveal a new episode of Life Noggin that focuses on some unexpected sources of life extension that we interact with every day.

Life Noggin is an animated science show in which Blocko, the show’s mascot, answers questions related to human life, Earth science, and the universe.

I’m thrilled that Life Noggin has found a new home in Lifespan. We finally have access to a team that’s dedicated to science and technology and understands the importance of educational content online. This collaboration is going to allow Life Noggin to make even more videos, videos that we’ve always wanted to make but didn’t have the bandwidth for. I’m looking forward to a new year of exciting projects!

– Pat Graziosi

Existing fans of the show should also be happy to learn that joining the family means that there will be more Life Noggin episodes to enjoy. Don’t worry, we won’t be changing things much, but we will be making sure Blocko has everything he needs to make more awesome episodes!

Working with celebrated YouTube channels such as Life Noggin has led to some of the most impactful initiatives we have ever done in the past – both in terms of positively shifting public perception and attracting significant resources to the field at large. I’m overjoyed that Life Noggin is officially joining our team at, and excited for the incredible opportunities this affords all of us to educate and inspire the public regarding extending healthy human lifespan.

– Keith Comito

Because we love all kinds of science, we are not planning to fill Life Noggin entirely with content about rejuvenation biotechnology, but we hope that people will enjoy some more shows that touch upon biology, aging, and rejuvenation. For example, you may recall that we did a collaboration about aging research with Life Noggin back in September 2018:

It is also important to note that almost any topic that people passionately care about can be related directly to the subject of life extension in one way or another, and having the capability to speak to this point, and collaborate with some of the largest content creators in the world, can be an amazing opportunity for our field.

You can send us your questions for the #dearblocko episodes, where Blocko answers audience questions. You can ask a question by sending Blocko an email and including the phrase β€œDear Blocko” in the title. You can also suggest questions by commenting on the videos with #dearblocko followed by your question.

Finally, if you would like to sponsor an episode of Life Noggin, please get in touch with Pat Graziosi to discuss.

We know that many of our readers appreciate the value in our video production endeavors, so we are extremely happy to be able to increase our capabilities in this way, and we are deeply grateful for your support, which has allowed us to do this. Thank you!

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