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There has been an increase in the level of interest in the field of rejuvenation biotechnology over the last few years. The recent entry of senolytic therapies that clear senescent cells from the body into human clinical trials have spurred even more interest in the field of late. Today we wanted to highlight three very important new videos that have been published on Youtube this week. Three awesome videos about life extension The first video published by the popular YouTube channel Kurzgesagt delves into the topic of repairing age-related damage in order to treat age-diseases and asks the question, should we end aging forever? We are delighted that our president Keith Comito was involved in the creation of this video and it is great to see such a high profile channel actively supporting the goal of rejuvenation biotechnology. We greatly appreciated the chance to contribute to the making of this video and would like to thank Kurzgesagt for giving us this opportunity and for sharing the topic with its audience of almost five million fans.
One thing we can face as advocates is opposition to the ideas of rejuvenation biotechnology and sometimes this opposition can even be hostile due to deep seated biases. It is tempting to believe that such vocal people represent the majority view of doing something about aging, but one look at the like to dislike ratio of the video clearly shows this is not the case. At the time of writing the Kurzgesagt video sits at over 2 million views with 109k likes to a tiny 1k dislikes. If one did not take this into consideration reading some of the comments could make you think that the ideas proposed are not popular. However, the data is clear, these people are very much the vocal minority with the bulk of viewers being open to the idea. This gives those of us working on the frontline a much-needed morale boost and shows us that a greater majority of people are supportive. You may also be interested to hear that there will be a follow-up video on Kurzgesagt in November which focuses on the strategies and approaches researchers are employing to bring the aging processes under medical control with the ultimate aim of preventing age-related diseases. The second video is by popular Youtuber CGP Grey who produces a range of thought-provoking videos. The video in question discusses the idea of death and why just because it is natural does not make it good or necessary. The video delves into life extension a bit more than the first video but was launched in conjunction with Kurzgesagt as a joint effort.
As with the previous video, the ratio of likes to dislikes is massively in favor of the view that death is a bad thing. This shows that the vocal few are in the minority. At the time of writing the video stands at 1.7 million views with 89k likes to a mere 6k dislikes. Finally, Thunk has also made a video about medicine and aging and how progress could eradicate age-related diseases. He even touches upon the idea of longevity escape velocity – meaning one could live healthily for an extended period beyond the norm due to being alive to benefit from the arrival of ever more advanced medicines such as rejuvenation biotechnology.
Videos like these are hugely important to engage the public about rejuvenation biotechnology and help people understand and consider the possibilities. Some of the people who watched these videos may go on to the join the community and lend their support to our efforts. We do not have to convince everyone of the merits of eradicating age-related diseases either, we just need to convince enough people. Videos like this can help to explain and popularize the idea and it is clear from the reception to them so far that many people are open to considering a better future. To that end, we have created a way to bring the community together and welcome those new to the topic and answer any questions they might have. We have an active Life Extension Discord server which we invite you to join, come along and talk about the exciting science and progress being made in the field and get to meet those working in the field. There are even opportunities to not only discuss but also get involved in advocacy activities if you want to make a difference.  
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Steve serves on the LEAF Board of Directors and is the Editor in Chief, coordinating the daily news articles and social media content of the organization. He is an active journalist in the aging research and biotechnology field and has to date written over 600 articles on the topic, interviewed over 100 of the leading researchers in the field, hosted livestream events focused on aging, as well as attending various medical industry conferences. His work has been featured in H+ magazine, Psychology Today, Singularity Weblog, Standpoint Magazine, Swiss Monthly, Keep me Prime, and New Economy Magazine. Steve is one of three recipients of the 2020 H+ Innovator Award and shares this honour with Mirko Ranieri – Google AR and Dinorah Delfin – Immortalists Magazine. The H+ Innovator Award looks into our community and acknowledges ideas and projects that encourage social change, achieve scientific accomplishments, technological advances, philosophical and intellectual visions, author unique narratives, build fascinating artistic ventures, and develop products that bridge gaps and help us to achieve transhumanist goals. Steve has a background in project management and administration which has helped him to build a united team for effective fundraising and content creation, while his additional knowledge of biology and statistical data analysis allows him to carefully assess and coordinate the scientific groups involved in the project.