Repair Biotechnologies � Cholesterol Degrading Platform (CDP)

Repair BiotechnologiesFounded in part by Reason, author of the well-known Fight Aging! blog, Repair Biotechnologies aims to tackle the deadliest age-related disease: atherosclerosis. Repair intends to do so by reducing the size of the artery clogging plaques with its Cholesterol Degrading Platform (CDP).

The platform aims to give cells the ability to degrade cholesterol, which is the main component of the plaques, and turn it into a water-soluble catabolite that can be rapidly removed from the body.

In 2019, Repair raised $2.15M in seed funding from Juvenescence and the SENS Research Foundation, among others.

In March 2021, Repair announced that its CDP had achieved a 48% reduction in atherosclerotic plaque lipids in a mouse preclinical study.

Repair Biotechnologies