Elysium Health � TIME-A

Elysium, founded by Leonard Guarente, is on a mission is to translate critical scientific advancements in aging research into accessible health products and technologies. The current pipeline includes preclinical and clinical trials for skin, microbiome, muscle, cognition, UV damage, menopausal syndromes, and circadian rhythm. At present Elysium markets four products: Basis, Matter, Format, Signal, and Index. Although these products are categorized as supplements rather than pharmaceuticals, Elysium is setting up clinical trials to establish thieir safety and effectiveness. As of May 2023 Elysium has 18 clinical trials listed on clinicaltrials.gov.. This foundation allows Elysium to establish an approach to scientific discovery and customer support that enables the pursuit of lifelong health and wellness. Index is an at-home biological age test developed by Elysium Health that measures 10 different aspects of aging including brain, heart, metabolic, immune, inflammation, kidney, liver, hormone, and blood among others. TIME-A is a longitudinal research initiative. Anyone who has taken an Index test registered through Elysium Health is eligible to participate. Participation involves answering questions that are administered via a survey format. Research participants’ survey responses will be combined with their epigenetic Index data with the primary aim of identifying the contributions of 1) environmental and lifestyle factors, 2) general health, and 3) medical history, on biological age. Exploratory aims include the development of epigenetic signatures that are predictive of health status, and exploring the relationship between epigenetically-derived health phenotypes and biological age. These findings will lay the foundation for personalized health recommendations using Index (including, but not limited to: workout routines, diets, supplement regimens, medications, lifestyle changes). This trial is not yet recruiting. ClinicalTrials.gov Identifier: NCT05760547