Elysium Health � NR

Elysium, founded by Leonard Guarente, is on a mission is to translate critical scientific advancements in aging research into accessible health products and technologies. The current pipeline includes preclinical and clinical trials for skin, microbiome, muscle, cognition, UV damage, menopausal syndromes, and circadian rhythm. At present Elysium markets four products: Basis, Matter, Format, Signal, and Index. Although these products are categorized as supplements rather than pharmaceuticals, Elysium is setting up clinical trials to establish thieir safety and effectiveness. As of May 2023 Elysium has 18 clinical trials listed on clinicaltrials.gov.. This foundation allows Elysium to establish an approach to scientific discovery and customer support that enables the pursuit of lifelong health and wellness. In this study NR was compared to aeroibic exercise and time-restricted feeding to determine the relative effectiveness of these three interventions in slowing down aging processes as measured by changes in Interleukin-6 levels, CRP, TNF-α, NAD+, hematologic age, epigenetic age (DNA methylation), transcriptomic age (RNA-sequencing), functional age (handgrip strength, gait speed), body composition, vocal age, and photo age. study was last updated in April 2023, no results have been posted to date. ClinicalTrials.gov Identifier: NCT05593939